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At Molocaho we have ready-made and made-to-order original furniture designs made from probably the best hardwood in the world, from Tanzania.We have very exciting and exclusive designs for 2017/18, but still open to making made-to-order designs to give our valued clients wider range of choices.

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Our passion to create only the best has driven us to give our all in every item we produce.

Jacqueline N. Mengi



Inspiration & innovation is at the heart of every design. Countless painstaking hours were used in designs & production to the finest finishing touches, inspired by the endless beauty of mother Tanzania.

Vision & Values

Our vision is to have homes & offices with boldly beautiful ranges of masterpiece furniture & lighting. To us, every part of the house—the living room, the dining room, the bedroom, the kitchen, so on—should have striking masterpieces made to last for long & with fine finishing touches.

Custom Finish available to order

For both commercial and residential

Created to fit in any interior


durability guarenteed

100% recyclable

Our Values - To always be creative and innovative.To always pay attention to our clients’ distinctiveness, uniqueness and tastes so that our designs are always customer driven.To provide our customers with an assured service, consistently high quality and timely delivery.To interact and communicate with our clients and the public with professionalism, candid- ness and honesty.To create an enabling environment for our employees so that they express their talents and realise their potential.To protect and conserve the environment.

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Go-Green Project

At Amorette we love nature and are committed to conserving and protecting the environment.As a result we have taken the following steps to ensure that we do our part and more to take care of Mother Earth.All our processes are geared towards reducing consumption and avoiding waste | Reuse | Recycle | Carbon footprint | We actively support tree planting campaigns in Tanzania

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The Designer

Jacqueline is the driving force behind Amorette. She has immense passion for interior design, fine art and fashion. For years she has been creatively merging disparate styles, colors and patterns into beautiful cohesive living environments.She embodies the philosophy of recognizing the unique needs, tastes and personality of her clients and will settle for nothing less than the finest and most attractive finishings to match their taste and needs.Jacqueline is also a devoted campaigner for wildlife and an ambassador for Wildaid which is campaigning against poaching of elephants and other wildlife.

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